Facebook Viewbug Contest

ViewBug have initiated an Exclusive Facebook Contest for members.

Contestants are required to upload their favourite Landscape through a submission form on Facebook itself. Then, I suppose, that entry with the most votes wins a Tamron Lens.

Never can have enough lenses myself.. so compete I shall.

Below is the link to the image I have submitted and I would be most obliged should you vote for me.


Thank you all.

A week, or so, in Dublin

6 Nations Cup fever had me gripped for a several years and in recent years I got the itch to go and watch a 6 Nations Cup match live.

I missed out on this last year for the usual reasons – no time, no cash! Come November 2015 I set my mind on a seeing a match of the 2016 tour however the match I wanted to watch – Ireland vs England which in 2015 was held in Dublin at the wonderful Aviva Stadium – was scheduled for Twickenham, London and not Dublin.

Now you may say – hey what’s the problem in that? After all Twickenham is the home of English Rugby and I am a supporter of the English Rugby team. So why should I not want to go to Twickenham?

It’s not that I didn’t want to visit the home of English Rugby but I have been to England & London at least three times already and wanted to visit Ireland. So out the window with the England vs Ireland match and I booked Ireland’s last match of the 2016 6 Nations Cup vs Scotland which actually turned out to be screamer of a game. Saturday 19th March was the date and I also got St Patrick’s Day – in Dublin – all roped in also.


I just had to find a way of celebrating St Patrick’s Day and a rugby match without drinking beer! Not an easy thing.

I also got to see a lot of Dublin and its lovely people. The gallery below is just a small selection of photos (unfortunately none from the match as I couldn’t take my camera in with me).

Click on the link below to see the gallery:

A week, or so, in Dublin

lupideloop – Photographer – YouPic

lupideloop is sharing some inspiration on YouPic. One may say that photography as an art is to be used to pass on a message. Through one’s image this message must be transmitted to the viewers while transporting the person along a journey of discovery as their eyes roam. I see photography as a means of capturing a moment in time, an instance that otherwise would be lost for ever. While the essence of the image is determined by the subjects making up the image, the feel and the mood of this is what a photographer may influence through his choice of composition and processing.

Source: lupideloop – Photographer – YouPic