Photoshop, the dark room of modern day digital photography is a tool indispensable to any photographer. While I admit the true and talented photographer should manage to capture the image intended at the time of shooting there still would be the minimum amount of cleaning up and adjusting required. And Photoshop offers the perfect tool for that.

It also offers the opportunity of taking your images a step further with the vast amount of options, tools, adjustments and so on and so forth that it offers. I doubt there is anyone in the entire photography world that knows and understands each and every possibility offered by the software. Possibly not even the creators themselves.

In my case, photoshop is practically a self-learned skill through many hours of online tutorials and trial and error – many hours of frustrating trial and error most often than not, but when an image falls into place and works out how I envisaged then the satisfaction is worth all those hours of frustration. The problem with this approach however is that more often than not I forget how I managed that effect. And that I blame on my basic photoshopping knowledge.

Therefore whenever I see a course that involves photoshop being rolled out by the MIPP I jump onto the truck and enroll (always depending on whether I manage to take the time off from work). Tomorrow I have one of these – a full day seminar organised by Kevin Casha – president of the MIPP and a wonderful photographer himself. It is a somewhat basic course but still it offers me the chance to brush up some of the most basic technics which always flummoxed me. Colour-space and sharpenning (the effect of these on the printed medium thereof) are just a couple to mention.

Well, here’s to tomorrow then and a long day of photoshop!

The First Post of this spanking new blog

Finally… managed to get the wordpress application installed onto the server hosted by StartLogic. If it was not for the wonderful help provided by the Support staff of StartLogic I would never have meneged. Each time I tried to do it by myself I would encounter an error of some sort. Very, but so very frustrating it was.

Yet, now here we are – a spanking new blog on which I may ramble on and bore you all until your socks become petrified.

What plans do I have for this here blog? Hmmm, good question that! Many I suppose, but the problem would be – where to start, thus this first silly post.

Hope you enjoy this journey with me.


Hello world!

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